Community fund proposals

Describes how proposals work and how to write them
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The cycle fund

As of the 1st of October 2019, the cycle fund holds more than 77 million Nyzo, requiring over 51% of the cycle to agree on a cycle transaction, this facilitates the ability to unlock a share of this fund, with a set maximum of 100,000 Nyzo every 10,000 blocks as a protection mechanism.

To get a detailed overview of the supply breakdown and for more information about how the cycle fund enables building, read 'Nyzo and its protocol which facilitates building' on Medium, or view the richlist.

Writing a proposal

The first step to getting funded is by writing out a detailed proposal on the community forum.

The community forum has been created to allow for more permanent discussions to take place in regards to the network, if there's already a master thread with a framework available to post sub-proposals in, it is recommended to use that one.

Below, an example of such a framework, this one in particular is in regards to exchange listings.

In regards to guidelines for publishing a proposal, there aren't any, but it would probably be a good idea to look at existing NCFP's to see how they're constructed, and to construct your own proposal in a similar fashion.

Reputation and escrow

It is possible that you are new to the Nyzo ecosystem and you haven't built a name for yourself yet. Not to worry, it is possible to facilitate an escrow middleman to hold the funds until the work has been completed, others prefer to deliver first, then ask for approval of a proposal, both are viable options and ultimately will depend on your judgement.

Making a cycle transaction

You made the plan? The community is interested? Now may be the perfect time to create a cycle transaction on the network and to let people vote for it. Cycle transactions are stored on-chain and remain active indefinitely until approved, this gives you leeway in regards to timing and marketing your proposal.

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