Cycle transactions

Explains how to create and view cycle transactions & how to vote for existing proposals
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Cycle transactions

Cycle transactions are the technological medium through which proposals are solidified and stored on-chain on the Nyzo network.

Creating a cycle transaction

To create a cycle transaction, you will need an in-cycle verifier, or someone with an in-cycle verifier who's willing to broadcast a cycle transaction on your behalf.

As was partially explained on the 'Client wallet' page in the Wallets category of the Knowledgebase, the client is capable of broadcasting a cycle transaction to the network.

First, we will need to launch the client to be able to access its interface.
You can do so with the following command:

cd /home/ubuntu/nyzoVerifier
sudo java -jar build/libs/nyzoVerifier-1.0.jar co.nyzo.verifier.client.Client

Once the client is open, use the 'cycleSend' command to start the procedure.

This command accepts the following arguments in succession (data as example):

  • initiator key (in-cycle verifier):
    • key_8a2B4csRaX5tIHbRigRIUsRsPuLHfN2w_KVG-eQcSV5GTQuoFbpe
  • receiver ID:
    • id__8f0Has6hCTDvEziXuZf5KxFNuKPztg3-3aZxh.AbK8t_JRHDXM_k
  • sender data:
    • tutorial_test
  • amount in Nyzos:
    • 25

Before the command will be executed by the client, it has to be reviewed and approved by the user.
An example of such an approval screen looks as follows:

The result of approving and therefore executing this command returns:

  • message queue information

NOTE: The workings of the CTS command are expected to be changed after integration of Version 573 (NTTP-3). Until this notice does not appear any longer, the contents of this command have not been updated post blockchain v2 integration.

You can now go ahead and check if your transaction has been stored successfully on the blockchain by verifying its existence on the cycle transactions page of the explorer.

Include the sig__ of this transaction on the topic of your proposal on the community forum, this can be found on the page mentioned above.


You want to vote for an existing proposal? That's possible and highly encouraged.

Each vote helps building the Nyzo ecosystem and is a step in the right direction in regards to sustainable governance for decentralized networks.

Learn more on how to do that here:

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