Voting for proposals

Explains how to vote for existing cycle transactions
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Your vote matters

Each vote helps building the Nyzo ecosystem and is a step in the right direction in regards to sustainable governance for decentralized networks.

It is possible to vote for a proposal with either a yes or no to indicate whether you agree with the cycle transaction or not.

Casting your vote

The easiest way to cast votes is by using your sentinel, since your sentinel manages a lot of private keys, it can easily complete the task of voting in one go for all verifiers listed in its managed_verifiers file.

A cycle transaction signing script is available for doing so.
Version 552 or higher is required for this to work.

Start by switching over to your sentinel working directory:

cd /home/ubuntu/nyzoVerifier
Next, go to the cycle transactions page and copy the initiator signature of the NCFP's cycle transaction you want to approve.
Finally, run the following command and replace SIGNATURE_HERE with the initiator signature you copied.
 sudo java -jar build/libs/nyzoVerifier-1.0.jar co.nyzo.verifier.scripts.CycleTransactionSignScript SIGNATURE_HERE

After execution, confirm that your nodes have appeared on the specific cycle transaction you voted for.

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