Paper wallet

Explains how to use the Nyzo paper wallet using the NyzoSpace library
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Paper wallet


Using the NyzoSpace library

The NyzoSpace repository is a hierarchical deterministic wallet generator for Nyzo (as described in BIP32) and makes use of the NyzoStrings library to provide address generation.

What this entails is that public keys are prefixed with id__ and private keys with key__, this prevents making mistakes such as those possible with legacy private and public seeds.

The NyzoSpace library is functional and validates SLIP0010.


To determine if use of the NyzoSpace repository is necessary for the task you're looking to complete, I'll go through the full scope of what the wallet generator can do first.

  • Generate mnemonic seed (12 or 24 words)
  • Generate multiple addresses at once
  • Allows for legacy public and private key conversions to NyzoStrings
  • Allows for backwards compatibility (NyzoString to legacy)
  • Allows for the generation of Paper wallets

Using the wallet generator

To start using the wallet generator, head over to the build pages of the github repository.

HD wallet

The first tab 'HD Wallet' allows you to generate a BIP39 mnemonic seed for Nyzo, and comes with a configurable address count.

Conversion tool

On the second tab, 'Conversion tool', you can convert legacy public and private keys to NyzoStrings and vice-versa.

Paper wallet

To generate paper wallets, head over to the third tab, 'Paper Wallet' and enter an existing private key or a newly generated one from the 'HD Wallet' tab.
Select the regular or print-friendly wallet template and use CTRL + P or
right-click → Print to print your paper wallet(s).

Storing your paper wallets

There are multiple options available for storing your paper wallets safely.
For a detailed overview on how to keep your coins secure and to better understand fundamental security concepts relevant to cryptocurrencies, visit the
'Keeping your coins secure' page which can be found in the Wallets category of the Knowledgebase.

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